We are FLA420, a group of Floridians on a mission to legalize Marijuana.
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About Us


FLA420 is committed to providing patients in need with Medical Marijuana. Our vision is to open and operate Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in Florida under FLA420 guidelines and compliance. We will be offering our patients a high professional standard in service and quality medication.

Are you interested in entering the emerging medical cannabis industry in Florida? FLA420 is a Licensing and consulting company that helps entrepreneurs pursue medical marijuana business opportunities. We are looking for partners to join us in Florida!

The Marijuana industry in the United States is estimated to be an $8 billion dollar industry in the next several years and http://eduaidguru.com/blog.html will grow every day. With multiple states legalizing Marijuana for medical uses, the industry continues to grow as well as demand to be in the medical marijuana field.

FLA420 is seeking to partner with qualified individuals who are interested in starting a business in the medical marijuana industry. As a FLA420 partner you will be on the path to opening your own medical marijuana treatment center in Florida and will be able to utilize all of FLA420’s resources.

If you are interested in FLA420 guiding you through the challenging process of obtaining a license for a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center in Florida then let FLA420 help you reach your goals.

FLA420 committed people; team of affiliates and our board members will guide you through all the steps ahead and make sure you are in pole position when applying for your license.

FLA420 owns and operates two vertically integrated businesses, FLA420 and Florida Marijuana Expert Consulting, which deliver an end-to-end solution for their customers and clients within the cannabis industry. Through these businesses, FLA420 provides industry specific advisory and consulting services, facility management needs, as well as providing partner-licensing opportunities. FLA420 along with affiliate team will successfully procure licensing agreements for its clients in Florida.

Call us today at (844) 2FLA420 (844) 235-2420 or email info@fla420.com

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