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  • Ask a Stoner: What’s the Point of Weed-Scented Candles?
    Dear Stoner: Who would want a marijuana-scented candle or air freshener? Saw them at the mall and couldn’t think of a reason — and I smoke weed. SashaThe post Ask a Stoner: What’s the Point of Weed-Scented Candles? appeared first on Toke of t…
    - 2 days ago 23 Aug 19, 11:34am -
  • Colorado Researchers Study Cannabis and Athletes
    A group of Colorado researchers recently studied how cannabis use affects athletes and found a possible role between the plant and pain management. The study, “Cannabis use in active athletes: Behaviors related to subjective effects,” looked at c…
    - 3 days ago 22 Aug 19, 5:33pm -
  • Ask a Stoner: Indica and Sativa Edibles Sound Like Marketing
    Dear Stoner: What’s the deal with indica and sativa edibles? If it’s only THC going into the final product, does it really matter what type of plant it came from? Sounds more like misleading marketing than science. *Bass guitar riff* Jerry Stone…
    - 4 days ago 21 Aug 19, 11:41am -
  • How to Make Majoun, Modern Civilization’s Oldest Edible
    Humans have been eating cannabis for well over a millennium, but society’s love for edibles has seriously ramped up over the last decade, as legal pot becomes more mainstream. Today, you can snack on much more than weed brownies in Colorado, with d…
    - 5 days ago 20 Aug 19, 11:11am -
  • Ask a Stoner: Getting High for the Movies
    Dear Stoner: What’s the best way to get high at the movies? It doesn’t need to be literally at the movies, but right before, at least. Roger EburntThe post Ask a Stoner: Getting High for the Movies appeared first on Toke of the Town.
    - 6 days ago 19 Aug 19, 12:07pm -
  • How Humidity Can Save or Destroy Your Weed
    Some of us like our weed to be so dry that it ignites under sunlight, making that first hit a knockout. But most cannabis users want their stash to last. That’s where humidity comes in. While many people curse humidity in the heat of summer, it pla…
    - 8 days ago 17 Aug 19, 11:13am -
  • Why Colorado Tokers Love Koko Puffs
    Baked goods are all the rage among breeders trying to come up with new names for their fruity, doughy strains, but there are only so many cookies, cakes and pies that society recognizes. Now cereals are the new frontier for sugar-obsessed tokers tryi…
    - 9 days ago 16 Aug 19, 11:40am -
  • Ask a Stoner: How to Use Every Part of the Plant
    Dear Stoner: How can I use all of my cannabis plant after harvest? I’m new to growing and don’t want to waste anything. RootThe post Ask a Stoner: How to Use Every Part of the Plant appeared first on Toke of the Town.
    - 10 days ago 15 Aug 19, 11:19am -
  • Medicine Man’s Marijuana Acquisition Binge Continues
    It grows…and it eats you alive.” That’s how the narrator of the trailer for the 1958 horror movie The Blob described an alien life form that engulfs everything it touches, but he might as well have been talking about Medicine Man Technologies.…
    - 11 days ago 14 Aug 19, 5:24pm -
  • The Real Story Behind Our Love for Pot Brownies Isn’t What You Think
    Did you know that pot brownies became popular by mistake? Or that one of the world’s earliest edible recipes was used by a band of assassins? The history of cooking with cannabis starts over a thousand years ago, comes to a screeching halt in the…
    - 11 days ago 14 Aug 19, 12:12pm -