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Hemp House featured on Top Billing

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Hemp House in Asheville, NC

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Hemp House – Asheville, NC

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Groundbreaking houses

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Construction Tech: Hemp As Building Material

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Tradical Hemcrete as Featured on BBC Working Lunch

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earthrise – Hempcrete

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Hemp Houses Are Growing In South Africa

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french eco building and links

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Hemp House Entry and Electrical

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This is the entry of our hemp house and a view of some of the electrical in the exterior hemp wall.

THE BEST Hemcrete Hemp Building Video EVER

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HempCrete Strongest Building material in Nature

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Hemp has always been a cash crop. Fuel may be the most important product you can get from hemp for our growing energy needs, but there are literally thousands of different products you can make from hemp. From clothin...

HEMP HOUSES – End World Poverty & Homelessness 4EVER !!

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This series is intended to mix music, information, and education to bring awareness to globally significant issues and their solutions. Nutiva has been helping better the planet through the distribution of high quali...

How to build a Hemp Wall

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A step by step video of how to measure, mix and place hemp into formwork to make a hemp - lime wall in a residential home. (For more details and photos) Filmed on location ...

Bringing It Home

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Hemp House Tulla Co Clare, on RTE’s Nationwide TV

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Hemp building by OldBuilders Company an interesting octagonal hemp house built with hemp and lime on a timber frame, hemp-lime is a natural building technique

building with hemp

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Klara Marosszeky retrofitting a pump house. Monolithic hemp masonry construction. .

Hemp for Houses

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Original Green Distribution courtesy of WCCO television

Australian Hemp on ABC’s Landline Program

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ABC's Landline program cover the story about Hemp in Australia.

How to Make a Hemp House

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Hemp is thé sustainable building block !

Hempcrete Technology Commerical – Strongest Building Material In Nature

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